Saturday, July 9, 2011

Why Does Michele Bachmann Hate America

Bachmann: ‘I Hope’ Higher Unemployment Will Help My Campaign

Bachmann: ‘I Hope’ Higher Unemployment Will Help My Campaign | Appearing on CNBC this morning, presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) was asked about this morning’s dismal jobs report and whether higher unemployment rates might help her chances of winning in 2012. “Does it strike you that as the unemployment rate goes up, your chances of winning office also go up?” host Carl Quintanilla asked. “Well, that could be. Again, I hope so,” Bachmann replied. Watch it:

While it’s of course acceptable for Bachmann to campaign on wanting to turn the economy around, it’s another matter entirely when she actively pursues policies that make the economy worse — while hoping it will help her campaign.

No news here really. Republicans lied us into a three trillion dollar senseless quagmire in Iraq, their policies and lack of regulation enforcement lead the Great Recession.

When do conservative Republicans take responsibility for their immoral anti-American behavior? Kind of a trick question sense the answer is never - Fox "Straight News" "Save[s] The Economy" With Right-Wing Talking Points

In a series of segments called 10 Ways to Save the Economy, Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier promoted conservative talking points on the financial crisis, stimulus package, estate tax, and deregulation. The segments also frequently echoed the viewpoint of Fox News' conservative opinion programming. None of the ten segments advocated measures favored by progressives to help the economy. - Save The Economy Segment Pushed Claim That Government Programs For "Low Income Borrowers" Caused Financial Crisis